Youssef Abdallah
3 min readJan 14, 2021


Why I have decided to apply for the Nano Degree with UDACITY

My name is Youssef Abdallah, I have a major in Tourism and Hotels Management. I have been working in the tourism industry since 2015. There is no doubt that tourism is well known as a fragile industry. With more responsibility alongside ambition, I have decided that I want to change my career. I thought for a moment this is going to be trajectory as a person. Working every day as it’s the last bad day and situations are going to change. In light of the current situation as the global pandemic changes the status quo in our world. I believed this is the right time to change. This pandemic has paved my way to start a new career. I am confident that this new chapter in my life will enhance my skills and will change dramatically my life.

To get an offer letter, the Applicant should show his skills and abilities. He is trying to persuade the interviewer with his skills and how he is fitting for this role. He must know a lot of information about the employer, the position requirements. There is no harm to embellish a story to prove your skills. Moreover, what sort of candidate that the employer looking for and his interest as well. This hard work will help the employee to pass this interview and obtaining the offer letter.

I think that we are practicing marketing in our daily life but with different shapes. This mentioned example is only one situation to elaborate on the role of marketing in our daily life.

With the tremendous impact of the global pandemic, the majority of business has turned out to be online and many people had to work from home. Therefore there is a huge demand for online courses such as digital marketing.

I think that many companies will transfer their business online in the foreseeable future to diminish the cost, and to emulate this technological progress.

Now you have been waiting to know what is the right place that will help you to master Digital marketing?!

The Nano degree from UDACITY and the Ministry of Communication is a remarkable opportunity for everyone who wants to change his Carrere and start a new challenge that will indeed help him to discover himself once again.

When I have received the acceptance email from UDACITY , I remember that I had a rollercoaster of emotions. This is the moment that I have been waiting for a long time. Even though I have no previous experience in this field and I have to start from scratch, However, I intend to work hard and expand my knowledge.

What benefits you will get by completing this Nano degree?

-Enhance your CV: UDACITY is a reputable company that will help you in your professional career and will pave your way to the Digital marketing world.

- Certification, you can obtain a certificate that will support your portfolio and you can share it in your LinkedIn profile to foster your professional career.

NOW, what are you waiting for? You can apply for this degree at UDACITY and start a new chapter in the DIGITAL MARKETING WORLD, A world with endless possibilities!!